South African artist Kabelo Motsamai, AKA Prince Kaybee, has publicly admitted on his Twitter page that he cheated on his girlfriend and radio personality, Zola Mhlongo.

Ironically, Prince Kaybee and Zola have been seen as “couple goals” since the start of their relationship and the DJ has always been an advocate of faithfulness, constantly assuring his fans he is happily in love.

Zola has not yet commented on the tweet admitting that he cheated on her, but she did address a Twitter user who claimed that Zola once mentioned that she started talking to Kabelo when she was in a relationship with someone else.

Before Prince Kaybee released the cheating statement and public apology to his girlfriend, mother and business partners, he had denied any cheating allegations.

A Twitter user named Hazel then posted a screenshot of the conversation she had with the DJ, proving he was indeed cheating on Zola. To strengthen her case and expose him further, she also publicised the nudes he sent her.

Although the DJs fans are disappointed in his actions, they are also up in arms that Hazel shared his private nudes with the public, as that is seen as revenge porn, punishable by law.

Here is what Twitter had to say:

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