Sharks have been captured engaging in an incredible feeding frenzy on baitfish while locals fish for dinner in the Torres Strait Islands.

Facebook user Philomena Nona captured the scenes on Murray Island, as thousands of tiny baitfish flocked up onto the sand to escape the predators.

The sharks – believed to be relatively harmless Tawny Nurse sharks – can be seen sliding high onto their bellies to capture a mouthful of food.
The Tawny Nurse shark can be seen almost beaching itself in an attempt to capture the bait fish. (Facebook)

All the while locals are handlining bigger fish, appearing to be a type of mullet, while the frenzy continues.

“What an incredible sight. It’s the most beautiful part of the world,” wrote one follower.

“Oh wow I would have loved to of witnessed this,” wrote another.

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Tawny nurse sharks are a type of carpet shark that are found distributed all across Australia’s Top End and throughout the Torres Strait Islands.

They can grow up to three metres and are known to be friendly and relaxed with scuba divers.

Tawny Nurse Sharks are currently classed as vulnerable due to heavy commercial fishing pressure.

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