A US woman said she was “terrified” after she found surveillance video of a man with a knife on her front porch on Wednesday morning.

The resident from West Asheville, North Carolina said she made the disturbing discovery when she checked the video after returning home to find some of her porch furniture had been moved.

She said she did not want her name or address in the story.

North Carolina doorbell camera captures man with knife
A US woman said she was “terrified” after she found surveillance video of a man with a knife on her front porch. (ABC 13 News)

In the video provided to News 13, a man is seen pacing the porch with a knife while exhibiting bizarre behaviour – appearing to talk to himself, even yell, as well as moving the front porch furniture off the porch.

“I had a really hard time falling asleep last night,” the woman said.

The woman said luckily no one was home at the time the video was taken.

She said as a mother with many neighbours who also have children, this experience terrifies her.

“I see people under the influence of drugs walking past my house all the time,” she said.

She said she called police about it on Wednesday, but was told it would be hours before she got a call back.

She said she has heard about the recent drop in police officers at Asheville Police.

More than 60 officers have left the department within the last year, including 56 officers leaving just since June 1, 2020.

“There’s just not very many of them, and they don’t get a lot of support,” she said of the APD force.

She said it’s time to figure out a solution.

She also cast some doubt on the effectiveness of the needle exchange program in West Asheville, suggesting it might be better if it was closer to a medical facility.

News 13 asked Hassey Parsons, owner of the Asheville Recovery Centre, about the needle exchange program, referencing people who say it’s not working.

North Carolina doorbell camera captures man with knife
The man was seen moving furniture around and behaving erratically. (ABC 13 News)

“Sure, in part it’s not just providing a needle exchange program where people can get clean supplies — that isn’t enough,” Ms Parsons said.

“There needs to be a therapeutic offering of some sort.”

Ms Parsons said she has seen a rise in addiction since the pandemic.

She said when she watched the video of the man with the knife on the front porch, she felt a lot of emotions, and that she can see it from both sides.

“Whether you’re a mother scared for your child’s safety to go play outside — because I’m a mum too and I’m an addict — but I’m afraid, if you’re a mum you’re not alone,” Ms Parsons said.

“If you’re a person struggling no matter how old, how young, how big or small your addiction is, you matter; there is help available,” she continued.

Asheville Police said the man in the video has been taken to the hospital for detox. At the time of this report no charges had been filed.

Asheville Police Department declined News 13’s request for an interview about this.

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