However, some shoppers wasted no time stripping essential items from supermarket shelves, including toilet paper.

Vision shared online captured bare shelves at a Melbourne Woolworths as dozens rushed to the store to snap up supplies.

Panic buying frenzy begins in Victoria after lockdown announced. (Nine)
Shelves stripped bare in Melbourne supermarkets. (Nine)

Premier Daniel Andrews today pleaded for Victorians to use “common sense” and reiterated supermarkets would not close.

“You are allowed to go and shop,” he said.

“Supplies are adequate. There is no need to be doing any of that.

‘You just put pressure on some of the hardest workers, some of the best Victorians, the people who are there driving the trucks from the distribution centre to the supermarket, the people who are stacking the shelves’

“Let’s not make their job harder by hoarding six months’ worth of toilet paper.”

Supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths have reinstated product limits in Victoria both in-store and online as a “precaution” to prevent panic buying.

Toilet paper has been wiped off shelves. (Nine)

The limits include grocery items in high-demand including toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, pasta, meat and other staple supplies.

“We encourage Victorian to be mindful of others in the community and to continue shopping as they usually would,” Woolworths Victoria Assistant State Manager, John Di Tirro said.

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