As Victoria braces to be flung into a snap lockdown from 11.59pm tonight, hundreds have gathered at Melbourne CBD to protest the restrictions.

Police have set up a barrier at the steps of Flinders Street Station, where organisers told crowds to meet at 7pm.

The message coming out of protesters is to “make your voices heard” saying Melburnians cannot endure another lockdown.

Hundreds gather in Melbourne to protest the snap coronavirus lockdown which comes into force at 11.59 tonight. (9News)
Police assemble a barricade at Flinders Street Station in the Melbourne CBD, where organisers told protesters meet. (9News)
Protesters gather at Flinders Street Station, despite the barricade assembled by police to deter them. (9News)

One protester has already been arrested after allegedly standing in front of a moving tram.

Premier Daniel Andrews has heard about the protest and says he is not impressed.

“Having a protest tonight, that’s like a vaccine is it that’s suddenly going to fix everything?” Mr Andrews said.

“No it’s not. It might well spread the virus though and it’s not really a good thing to be doing.”

A woman stands in front of a tram during tonight’s protest. (9News)
Police monitor the protest at Flinders Street Station in Melbourne’s CBD. (9News)

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