Sqreem launches Data Natinto

The story: Sqreem Technologies (Sqreem) has announced the launch of a new tool called Data Natinto to track COVID-19 related information including hospital beds, ventilators, and more in the Philippines.

This was first reported by TechInAsia.

More about the story: According to co-founder Ian Chapman-Banks, the way that the Philippines government is handling COVID-19 data is unstructured. Sqreem said it had redesigned, recoded, and further developed its technology to augment government contact-tracing efforts worldwide last year and is investing US$500,000 to create the tracker.

About Sqreem: An AI company that provides data analysis and programmatic targeting services to companies and government agencies.

Indonesian biotech startups receive approval for saliva-based COVID-19 tests amid infections rise

The story: Two of Indonesia’s biotech startups have gained approval to launch saliva-based COVID-19 tests, according to KrAsia.

Who the startups are: Nusantics, Nalagenetics.

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More about the story: Indonesia is currently battling a COVID-19 surge which has led to an increasing shortage of medical supplies, including oxygen cylinders.

Both Nalagenetics and Nusantics are hopeful that the newly developed test kits can improve Indonesia’s COVID-19 tracing capabilities.

Accuracy rates: Nalagenetics (Quickspit) has an accuracy of up to 97, while Nusantics has an accuracy of 95 per cent.

India’s cannabis startup Hempstreet receives government grant

The story: Hempstreet announced today that it has received a grant from The Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) of India.

What the funding will be used for: To patent and commercialise a recent research breakthrough around transdermal delivery technology, a technique that provides drug absorption via the skin.

More about the story: In around six months, HempStreet claims that it has marked the fastest rollout witnessed by the industry across over 2,000 clinics in 24 states in India that are now prescribing HempStreet medicines.

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About Hempstreet: A startup that creates natural relief products from cannabis for chronic pain and uses blockchain to prevent drug misuse.

Volopay, WeWork partner to help businesses with expense management in Singapore, Australia

The story: Volopay, a Singaporean fintech startup, has partnered with WeWork to offer an integrated business spend management solution in Singapore and Australia.

More about the story: This partnership will offer WeWork’s members, from startups to larger tech enterprises, to streamline their expense and payable management processes that align with their business needs.

According to Rohit Bhageria, founding member of Volopay, this will allow members can close their books 5x faster.

About Volopay: An all-in-one platform for managing business spendings that combines expense approvals, corporate cards, bill payments, expense reimbursements, credit, cashback, and accounting automation.

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