In today’s edition of “Active Investors of the week”, we have Cathay Innovation, Endeavour, and Accion Venture Lab as our top three most active investors in our e27 Connect Program. The following are some details on who these investors are and what are their investment criterias:

Cathay Innovation
Based in: Singapore

Straight from Cathay Innovation: Cathay Innovation is a global venture capital partnership, created in affiliation with Cathay Capital, investing in startups at the center of digital revolution across N.America, SEA, China and Europe. They recently expanded their activities to Africa with their partner AfricInvest.
Investment range: Series A, Series B, Series C & above

Latest Investments:
Coherent (Hong Kong), Series A, $14M, Nov 2020
Axinan (Singapore), Series A, Undisclosed, Apr 2020
Kredivo (Indonesia), Series C, $90M, Dec 2019

Verticals: Agritech, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, E-commerce, Education and more

e27 Admin/Investment Partner: Nicolas du Cray, an investment professional with 12-years experience in venture capital and overall 20-year experience in business development and innovation in the TMT sector.

Based in: Singapore

Straight from Endeavour: Endeavour Ventures is an emerging sector agnostic venture capital firm that invests in seed to series-A rounds in Southeast Asia, focusing on early-stage businesses in the FinTech, Big Data/AI and Digitalisation industries.

Investment range: USD 50K – USD 500K; Seed, Series A

Latest Investments:
Fabelio (Indonesia), Series C, $9M, Jun 2020

Verticals: Agritech, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, E-commerce, Education and more

e27 Admin/Investment Partner: Sam Gibb is a managing partner at Endeavour Ventures. He has a deep understanding of the challenges that all businesses face throughout their private-to-public lifecycle, he helps early-stage businesses get off zero. Taking the role of a cheerleader or coach depending on what the situation requires, he is willing to sit shotgun with founders and help with recruitment, scale-up strategy, exit negotiations, and fundraising where required.

Accion Venture Lab
Based in: United States of America

Straight from Accion Venture Lab: Accion’s seed-stage investment initiative Accion Venture Lab provides capital and extensive support to innovative fintech startups that improve the reach, quality, and affordability of financial services for the underserved and have the potential to scale

Investment range: Not Specified; Seed, Pre-Series A / Bridge

Latest Investments:
Pintek (Indonesia), Venture Round, Undisclosed, May 2020
First Circle (Philippines), Venture Round, $1.3M, Apr 2017
Aye Finance (India), Series B, $10.3M, Nov 2016

Verticals: Agritech, Finance, Insurtech, Logistics/Supply Chain
e27 Admin/Investment Partner: Paolo Limcaoco is the Southeast Asia Investment Officer for Accion Venture Lab, Accion’s seed-stage impact investment initiative in fintech for the underserved.

We wish you all the best in your fundraising journey and hope our e27 Connect Program will assist you to secure quality conversations with the top investors in Southeast Asia in the quest to attain your fundraising goals. Find out more about how it works here. If you are a startup looking to fundraise, sign up here now for a free trial to get connected with the abovementioned investors. If you are an investor looking to get listed on our platform, here is how you can join our Connect Program!

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