Musician Kiernan Forbes, known as rapper AKA has revealed that he has decided to temporarily step back from his sponsorship duties to focus on his private life.

In a statement released on Thursday the rapper said that he felt it was best that he temporarily steps back from his Cruz Vodka duties in order to deal with the negative events of the past weeks.

“I feel it is best that I temporarily step back from my duties with Cruz Vodka as I need this time to focus on the way forward, and deal with my personal matter,” reads the statement.

“I am grateful to my business partners at Cruz Vodka for all their support and understanding of this decision, to give me time.”

He said that he did not take the decision lightly but took it after reflecting on the events that occurred in recent weeks

The rapper said that the past few weeks have been “excruciatingly difficult” for him.

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Earlier in the week AKA was shrouded in controversy after damning videos were released showing how tumultuous his relationship was with his late partner Anele “Nellie” Tembe.

“Beyond dealing with the loss of Anele, the love of my life, I am also having to deal with snippets taken out of context of our relationship that found their way to social media.”

He said that in due time he was going to share his side of the story in a sincere and honest manner to the relationship and the Tembe family.

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