Victoria has recorded no local cases of coronavirus overnight after yesterday’s new case was confirmed.

Victoria Health said the positive case has been classified as an interstate traveller.

The state is on high alert after the man contracted COVID-19 following a stay in hotel quarantine and questions are again being raised over the effectiveness of the system.

The man tested negative several times prior to flying to Victoria, indicating he caught the virus while quarantining.

Former Australian Medical Association President, Dr Tony Bartone, says the threat of another lockdown will remain if quarantine leaks continue.

“This is the 11th time or thereabouts in recent times that we have seen a leak from quarantine hotels – we have learnt a lot about the virus and its behaviour and we have improved systems but it seems to continue to be leaking out and I think it is time that we look at all of the available evidence and what we need to do to ensure that we continue to protect the public and try to minimise these leaks,” Dr Bartone told Today.

Victoria COVID case
Former AMA President Dr Tony Bartone (9News)

Dr Bartone said Melbourne had been here before and complacency was the biggest concern in whether the city will be forced into another lockdown.

“The important message is if you are in any one of those four tier 1 exposure sites go out and get tested, even if you have the mildest of symptoms,” Dr Bartone said.

“We are aware that as little as 25 per cent of people with symptoms are getting tested and that is the biggest concern.

“We can’t continue to go from these lockdowns to lockdowns. We need to understand that this virus isn’t gone, it is still going to be present and we have to really continue doing all the things that have been really important in getting us to this spot, this freedom that we are enjoying at the moment.”

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