One of notorious Melbourne killer Scott Alan Murdoch’s first victims has described his death behind bars as “karma”.

Karen Cheeseman was left partially paralysed after Murdoch stabbed her three times in the throat and face, and hid her bleeding body behind a couch.

Scott Murdoch.
Scott Murdoch. (Nine)

“He’s not a very nice man, I am glad he’s gone,” she told 9News.

The left side of the 51-year-old’s body is paralysed after Murdoch attacked her when she rejected his sexual advances.

She’s now reliant on carers to perform basic tasks.

“I could feel my leg was paralysed, my arm was paralysed,” Ms Cheeseman said.

In 2006 the mother of two had recently separated and was living with an acquired brain injury.

When she told Murdoch “no” he bludgeoned her head with a large glass paperweight, before stabbing her in the throat and face, hiding her body and stealing her car.

“How dare he do that and then push her behind the couch thinking she was dead,” Karen’s mother Linda said.

Karen Cheeseman.
Karen Cheeseman. (Nine)

She was told she’d never walk again, and lives every day in pain.

But yesterday her attacker, and Ms Blackwood’s killer, was found dead in his prison cell.

“He can go to hell,” Ms Cheeseman said.

A high-profile and dangerous criminal, Murdoch was being kept in protective custody at the Melbourne Assessment Prison.

Early yesterday his lifeless body was found.

He had previously threatened self-harm.

“To know he’s never ever, ever going to hurt somebody else … I don’t care where he is … these women, my daughter …didn’t do anything to him,” Linda Cheeseman said.

Ms Cheeseman knows her life will never be the same, but continues to persevere.

“Because I’m Karen Cheeseman and I will not give up.

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