An Eastern Cape couple has been sentenced to lengthy prison terms after murdering the woman’s ex-husband and his girlfriend in order to claim the ex’s life insurance.

Mthunzi Mbelwana, 65, and Lebohang Mbola, 48, were given 30 years on Friday by the Eastern Cape High Court for the 2017 murders of Themba Mbola and Andiswa Mhlontlo in Mdantsane.

“Lebohang and Mbelwana were further sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for each of four attempted murders. Furthermore, they were sentenced to seven years for arson, five years for unlawful possession of a firearm, five years for unlawful possession of ammunition and five years for fraud.

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“The sentences, except for the fraud sentence, were ordered to run concurrently with the sentence for the murder of Mbola,” the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said in statement.

Lebohang, who was Themba’s ex-wife, and Mbelwana lived in Mdantsane and so did Themba and his partner Mhlontlo.

“In October 2017, Mbelwana applied for and received a life insurance policy on Mbola [Themba]. In the application, he fraudulently submitted that he was Mbola’s cousin. In November 2017, Lebohang applied for and received an insurance life policy on Mbola.

“On 27 December 2017, Lebohang and Mbelwana gained forced entry into Mbola and Mhlontlo’s home. Inside there was the couple, their three minor children and a tenant, David Takaindisa.

“Mbelwana fired shots at Mbola while Lebohang doused him and the house with flammable liquid substance and set it alight. Lebohang and Mbelwana then fled and leaving the six inside the burning house.

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“Mbola died at the scene while the others managed to escape. Mhlontlo died in hospital the following day. However, she managed to tell people before her last breath who committed the act,” the NPA said.

Lebohang was arrested in hospital while she was getting treatment for the burn wounds she sustained. Mbelwana then submitted claim on the fraudulent life insurance policy he took out for Themba and got a R60,000 payout.

After investigations, he was arrested for his role in June 2018.

Compiled by Neo Thale

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