Sea to support NUS School’s research and education in AI, data science

The story: Sea Limited announced today that it has made a corporate gift of S$50 million (US$37 million) to support the advancement of research and education at National University of Singapore (NUS) School of Computing, one of the world’s leading computing schools.

Objective: The commitment will support NUS Computing in its efforts to substantially enhance and develop pivotal areas such as:

• Cutting-edge research and education in critical, fast-growing areas such as Artificial Intelligence and data science;

• Recruitment and development of academic and research talent through scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students, research fellowships, visiting professorships, support for professional development and more;

• Strategic initiatives including seed grants for enterprising projects and outreach programmes.

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More on the deal: By combining the strengths of academia and industry, both parties plan to work closely together to nurture and grow Singapore’s research and education ecosystem by leveraging impactful technologies such as AI. This will help raise the profile of local talent, create many rewarding jobs, and position Singapore as an attractive global hub for innovation and technology investment.

To this end, Sea recently announced the establishment of Sea AI Labs (SAIL) in Singapore to push the frontiers of AI research and develop leading technologies in the field. Sea is committed to advancing technology to drive the development of the digital economy in Singapore and across the regions where it operates.

TurtleTree, JSBiosciences enter into a strategic partnership

The story: JSBiosciences has just announced a partnership with TurtleTree Scientific. Both parties have signed a letter of intent to collaborate in the development of cell culture media at a commercial scale.

What is the deal about?: JSBio will provide TTS’s customers with a supply of food grade basal media and media formulation services, also expanding to other services including large scale manufacturing.

JSBio will leverage its strong media development expertise and established local raw material supply chains in this partnership. The group company’s (Thousand Oaks Pharmaceuticals Group) unique “integrated cost control programme” in the field of biological products will help TTS to achieve high-efficiency, and low-cost production capabilities.

After low-cost upstream processes are established, JSBio will help TTS achieve pilot production capacity and subsequently, commercial production scale in Singapore.

Image Credit: Sea Limited

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