With the COVID vaccine push ongoing around the world, the travel industry is confident that people will be able to resume full-fledged travel soon. Many countries are either allowing vaccinated travelers to enter or updating their entry standards. Seychelles is the most recent addition to the list.

According to recent news reports, thanks to vaccine donations from the United Arab Emirates and India, Seychelles may become the world’s first country to achieve herd immunity.

Except for visitors from South Africa, the island is expected to open its doors to all travelers on March 25. This is good news for the country’s economy, which is heavily reliant on tourism.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/travel/travel-news/seychelles-to-open-for-travellers-likely-to-become-worlds-first-country-to-achieve-herd-immunity/as81572249.cms

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