Although almost everyone is attempting to learn without the usual resources, many are still struggling to make ends meet, partially due to difficulties in finding paid work. In the second quarter of 2020, Saudi Arabia’s unemployment rate reached a new high of over 15%, with young Saudis accounting for nearly two-thirds of the unemployed.

Similarly, 41% of young people in the UAE believe it is more difficult to find a new career now than it was before the pandemic. Students today often conclude that their tuition costs are disproportionately large in contrast to the educational experience they are providing during the pandemic.

Furthermore, they are conscious that when they graduate, they will have less work prospects than previous generations. And before the pandemic, the Middle East and North Africa had youth unemployment rates that were nearly double the global average. In view of this, students may be worried that the pandemic will impact not only 2021, but also the decades afterward.

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