According to the Globe Wildlife Fund, the world has seen an unparalleled rise in illegal wildlife crime during the last 15 years.

Wildlife trafficking is estimated to be worth $23 billion per year by the United Nations Development Programme.

According to the organization, the business is still one of the most criminal trades behind narcotics, human trafficking, and firearms.

In 2017, the United Arab Emirates became the first Arab country to prohibit the trade and private possession of wild animals.

Despite the fact that many other Gulf countries have followed suit, Myyas Al Quarqaz, the curator of the Al Ain Zoo, says some people in the region still keep and sell exotic animals.

According to UNODC, cheetahs are cherished house pets for some, and the animals are frequently smuggled from the Horn of Africa.

According to the organization, a cub sells for $15,000 on the illegal market, and roughly five out of every six newborn cheetahs die in transit or shortly after.


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