The major goal, according to Kruse, is to ensure that everyone in the UAE can enjoy their stay in the nation while also knowing that their rights have been protected. “We are all equal before the law, whether you are a citizen or a resident,” he said, emphasizing the importance of working together and collaborating to strengthen the concept of human rights at all levels. Kruse, who comes from a multi-cultural household with a German father and an Emirati mother, said the NHRI’s formation is extremely personal to him.

“However, it also helps me comprehend the types of issues and concerns that all UAE citizens may have,” he continued. “Most importantly, it helps me realize what possibilities we can provide and how we can continue to improve human rights in the country.” The NHRI works on all elements of human rights in the UAE, including women’s, children’s, people with disabilities, and workers’ rights, among others. Kruse, who holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from the University of Melbourne in Australia and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), said that his training as a psychologist helped him appreciate the value of human behavior and cognition.


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