The Southeast Asia investment scene has been rapidly evolving in the last 24 months, and the way how pitching is conducted, sourcing of deal flow and completing investments today has to be updated as well.

The e27 platform has achieved more than 9,000 Connects from the startups seeking to connect to investors on the platform. We are also aware that many of our audiences are companies on the Pre-Series A and below stages —there are even companies in the seed stage. They will not be at the right stage for most VCs today to invest in.

Amongst our midst is a thriving pool of individual investors. They could be serial entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, or successful business individuals that are looking to invest in the next interesting technology at the seed stage.

This is why e27 is gathering our network of angel investors, new and old, and onboarding them onto our platform, accelerating the size of funds that seed stage startups can tap on.

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If you are:

  1. An individual investor with an existing profile on e27, do update your information to keep it up to date
  2. A new individual investor who is looking to join the list, do create a user account and make sure you update your investment information in your profile.

It will only take five to 10 minutes to update or create your investor profile. Just click Edit beside your profile name or click + Add Investor Profile from the drop-down menu when you hover to your profile picture (login required).

For a comprehensive guide, please refer to our help resource.

Having a complete Individual Investor Profile will enable you to Connect to our network of startups in various countries in the region. We are looking forward to seeing your profiles.

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