The United Arab Emirates has been named one of the top five greatest countries to live and work in the world. The country has risen ten places to fourth place out of 48 markets worldwide, with most expatriates optimistic about life in general and anticipating improved personal finances and work-life balance. Overall, Switzerland came in first, followed by Australia in second, and New Zealand in third. Bahrain (8th position) and Qatar (10th place) are two more Gulf counties that made the top ten list (10th place).

Despite the global epidemic, the vast majority of expats in the UAE (82 percent) are optimistic that life will return to normal in the next 12 months, according to the latest update. The percentage is greater than the global average of 75%. More than half of UAE expats (53%) anticipate an increase in their salary, with 57 percent anticipating a better work-life balance. The UAE’s focus on innovation, infrastructure, quality of life, diversity, and inclusion, according to Abdulfattah Sharaf, HSBC UAE CEO and head of international, has made the country a destination of choice for firms and professionals.


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