e27 is proud to partner with Taiwan Accelerator for X-PITCH 2021 as part of the initiative to work with accelerators and startup ecosystem enablers to further assist startups’ engagements and conversations with regional investors through the e27 Connect platform. Through this partnership, e27 lets investors connect with some of the hottest startups in the ecosystem today. 

The partnership aims to onboard as many X-PITCH startups as possible post-demo day to enable access to their pitch decks and fundraising information. Allowing potential investors to consider their decisions or evaluate the startups over the period of the accelerator programme, these startups are poised to expand their fundraising opportunities to a wider scope of global investors.

Upholding the elements of “Speed, Intensity, Challenge, and Fun”, X-PITCH 2021 is the XGames for startups wherein participants will be going through three levels of pitching (15 seconds, 60 seconds, and 3 minutes) for a chance to win up to US$1 million investment prizes.

From over 3,000 startups in 42 countries, X-PITCH has narrowed it down to its Top150 semi-finalists, which are startups mostly in the Seed and Pre-Seed fundraising stage, and participating from a wide range of sectors such as Artificial Intelligence, 5G / Edge Computing, Blockchain, and more. Asia-based startups comprise 84 per cent of the semi-finalists, with the rest coming from America, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

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X-PITCH 2021 is the first-ever startup competition to use “autonomous vehicle” for a 60-second pitch. In addition, the 15-second pitch on key numbers and achievements that has been popular abroad in recent years will be introduced to Asia for the first time.​​​

Organised by Taiwan Accelerator, X-PITCH highlights the New Normal in the post-pandemic world; participating teams focus on applications and services that enable digital transformation around five major categories of the New Normal.

Nine awards will be presented on the Grand Finale Day on November 11, 2021, and the top three teams will win up to US$1 million investment.

With all these exciting new innovations at the forefront of some of the most promising young startups today, e27 is proud to enable a broader investment opportunity not only to help in the growth of these startups, but also to embolden investors to pursue a future with them.

Meet some of the Top 150 X-PITCH 2021 startups you can connect with via e27 Pro

  1. NutrilifeIO –  the one-stop solution for the global decentralized Clinical Nutrition platform in Blockchain and AI-Based Technology, where the doctor of the future is expected to treat the human frame proactively, prevent disease through nutrition therapy by personalized screening, assessment, intervention and monitoring and a solution for all nutrition-related problems offering innovative, high quality, and affordable healthcare digital solutions on demand for everyone. 
  2. Brixee – Founded by Eugene Tham, Brixee provides a solution to help Creators monetize beyond ads to make content creation a viable and sustainable career option.
  3. AtoANI – AtoANI is a social startup that employs a produce-to-demand sustainable agriculture model in a local-for-local distribution system whereby partner B2B customer demand dictates the type and amount of crops to be planted by partner farmers to ensure zero crop wastage. This system is facilitated through AtoANI i-CROP, a data-based analytics recommendation platform developed by AtoANI.
  4. WeeDoo – WeeDoo is an online application that enables on-premise customers to scan a QR code and access the establishment’s interactive digital menu using a mobile device. The founder Dexter Vanzuela has solid experience in IT as a business consultant and a programmer providing solutions for Retail and Restaurants for 20 years.
  5. MotionsCloud – MotionsCloud is a claims automation engine for home & car insurers powered by AI computer vision tech to evaluate damage based on a picture, cut 75% process cost & reduce claims settlement time to 3 hrs instead of 3 weeks. It streamlines and automates property and vehicle insurance claims processes powered by computer vision to evaluate damages with data-driven and customer-centric interfaces for insurance companies and policyholders
  6. TAMP – TAMP is empowering doctors through Medical Association strategic alliances and Total Solutions for Healthcare institution partners, placing doctors at the centre of digital health innovation. Founded in November 2019 in the US state of Delaware, TAMP is a core team of 10 and an extended team of nearly 80 that includes Founding Advisory Doctors, Diverse Expert Advisors, and Doctor Angel Investors that joined forces to put digital innovation doctors back at the centre to lead by enabling a new doctor movement for better wellness and well-being.
  7. FlyingCrazyer – FlyingCrazyer uses AI(Mandarin-NLP) technology to help knowledge disseminators quickly implement courses, knowledge content, and learning interaction. The platform aims to solve the most cumbersome mental work in the production of educational content for Teachers/Speakers/Consultants by using an AI(Mandarin-NLP) technology to assist teachers in completing two tedious tasks: sorting out knowledge content and correcting student work.
  8. AlphaCircle – AlphaCircle is a VR solutions company that aims to help creatives and video producers to deliver incredible VR experiences by dramatically improving VR image resolution – the key factor that makes or breaks interactive visual content. They developed a VR imaging engine called – “ALPHAView” – which is a stunning VR video engine that increases pixels in every frame of a user’s viewing angle to 2 million pixels, which is 4 times more than any other standard VR software. 
  9. Mishkan Limited – Mishkan is building an omnichannel social CRM that can understand the languages of fans for the artist/ influencer management industry. Leveraging on machine learning and web scraping techniques, their solution empowers artist management companies to manage artists online presence all in one platform and translate the languages of fans into intuitive sentiments. 
  10. Asian Mobiliti – A mobility tech startup enabling intelligent transit and mobility solutions in the developing world. With a data-driven approach, the platform connects fleet operators, transport providers, transit authorities and end-users with a seamless and integrated experience.  
  11. Nuverse Health Solutions – Nuverse Health Solutions aims to place intuitive preventive healthcare in the hands of the end-user. The team works on a system that dispenses and monitors sanitisation to ensure that those who enter a premise comply with predefined protocols.
  12. USHER Technologies – USHER provides a 24/7 cost-effective structural health monitoring system that ensures the safety & resilience of buildings, bridges & other critical infrastructures against forces of nature like earthquakes.
  13. Pasar Segar – Pasar Segar aims to provide a platform that gives consumers accessibility to fresh produce for everyone. Pasar Segar aims to establish itself as an independent purveyor and retailer of fresh, frozen and certified organic produce.

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Taiwan Accelerator is the first seed accelerator in Taiwan and an active early-stage investment firm. Any e27 Pro member can simply visit Taiwan Accelerator’s profile and click the Connect button to reach out to them.

To find out more information about X-Pitch 2021 visit their website here. Want to connect with these startups today? Get on board with e27 Pro by signing up for a free 14-day trial. For more information, visit e27 Pro now.

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