As the role of global fintech becomes increasingly prominent due in part to the global health crisis, institutions are scrambling for ways to foster innovation across the space and beyond it. But even before the pandemic, the state of the fintech ecosystem has been on a steady rise and the industry’s trajectory in Taiwan is certainly no exception.

In 2019, the Taiwan financial sector spent over US$700 million on various Fintech ventures including R&D and solutions in the areas of AI, AML, biometrics, blockchain, cloud services, cybersecurity, data analytics, payment, identity management, regtech, and robo-advisor. While recent events have expedited such developments, this goes to show that many industries have long viewed fintech as the future.

Moreover, it is important to note that innovation in this sector translates to and encompasses innovations in all other sectors engaging in any form of trade and commerce. This means that as fintech’s relevance rises, we can also expect digital growth in, say, medtech and other industries.

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With state-enforced lockdowns and movement restrictions being instituted in different major economies, companies have realised the importance of having a rapid response to the market through digital innovations like AI, Blockchain, Crypto, Big data, and Biometrics among others. One particular institution spearheading initiatives to cultivate such innovations in the startup ecosystem is APEX KINGWIN International.

As such, APEX has partnered with the Startup Terrace (New Taipei City) to bring forth the Taiwan Fintech startup Demo day (APEX 2021). The event will show the momentum and the creativity of Taiwan entrepreneurship, with judges, international VCs, and VIP guests invited to give guidance to Taiwan’s fintech ecosystem. Slated on 23 September 2021, the project will feature some of Taiwan’s most promising startups who are seeking to explore growth in Southeast Asia.

Here are the three startups that will be taking part in this year’s Taiwan Fintech startup Demo day.


Crypto-Arsenal is a cloud-based automated crypto-trading platform, exclusively tailored for quantitative strategy developers to program, backtest, simulate their algorithmic trading strategies, and eventually launch trading bots for live-trading with their proprietary StrategyBot Engine. It is also effectively designed for general crypto traders/investors to quickly adopt proven strategies and initiate live trading and exchanges without being charged before the take-profit point is achieved. The company is aiming to create value for crypto quant strategy developers to maximise their productivity, allowing their strategies to be monetised, and for daily crypto traders/investors to minimise their time for strategy adoption, thereby increasing their profitability with less risk.


KryptoGO is a RegTech company that helps financial institutions, such as banks, insurance companies, and VASP to quickly identify high money-laundering risk with their due diligence engine built on top of AI and DLT. With forward-thinking and patented technology, KryptoGO provides the essence of blockchain infrastructures, including the integration and aggregation of traditional data providers, making blockchain data easily accessible and analysable in just one search.

All our products stem from complying with regulatory standards, including services such as verifying identities, cryptocurrency transaction tracing and tracking, cross-chain data analysis, and targeted identities’ risk analysing, controlling, and monitoring. They continue to integrate multiple streams of networks and data to accelerate the adoption of AI and blockchain technology for all industries and government organisations, meeting the thriving 21st-century Smart Due Diligence demand.

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Mediterest Inc.

Mediterest Inc. was founded by doctors who are active on social media. They provide one-stop solutions for advertisers, suppliers, medical information providers, influencers, and consumers. They aim to deliver the right medical concepts and knowledge to the public and solve the information asymmetry between the public, medical specialists, and brands, while also increasing the social media professional values and raise people’s medical awareness, facilitate doctor-patient communication, and promote products with EBM rating.

Their content and marketing solutions are ensured by medical journals and medical consultants. Mediterest Inc. takes advantage of evidence-based medicine and public influence. Their partners include over 30 professional consultants with medical backgrounds, Reed Elsevier which is the largest professional publisher and information provider in the world, and Elite PR Group which is the largest public relations group in Taiwan.

About the project

APEX KINGWIN International is a 100% owned subsidiary company of APEX INTERNATIONAL. As a response to Fintech international financial trends, it utilises Blockchain human resource resume validation, Robo-advisors and AI-guided automated trading system, training of Fintech talents for certification in programme trading, counselling for Fintech talents, entrepreneurship, and other core functions. The “APEX KINGWIN Smart Financial Cloud Platform” achieves a cross-industry internationalisation value chain to create the dream of Taiwan Fintech unicorns.

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Advised by the SME Division, Ministry of Economic Affairs and with APEX KINGWIN International Co., Ltd. at the helm, the programme is geared to help Taiwan’s budding startups take on the region. With the help of e27, participating founders will also be given the chance to meet, pitch, and network with the Singapore Angel investor network.

For more information on the Taiwan Fintech startup Demo day (APEX 2021), visit their e27 event page here.

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