The deputy of Iran’s customs Administration Mehrdad Jamal Arvandaghi announced that Iran received a shipment of COVID-19 vaccine, including 2.220 million doses from China. Referring to the latest situation of coronavirus vaccine import into the country, Arvanaghi said that the number of shipments with the vaccine has reached 41 so far, of which 23 shipments contained 22.35 million doses of Sinopharm vaccine from China and 3 shipments of 2.911 million doses of Asteraceae vaccine from Japan. He went on to add that Iran imported 1 consignment containing 1.452 million doses of vaccine (imported through COVAX) from Italy; 11 shipments of 1.045 million doses of Sputnik-V vaccine from Russia; 1 consignment of 700,800 doses of COVAX vaccine from South Korea; 1 consignment of 315,000 doses of Asteraceae vaccine from Russia; 1 shipment of 125,000 doses of Bharat vaccine from India. “The total number of vaccines imported into the country is equal to 28.899 million doses,” he said. Arvandaghi that the Customs formalities for all these shipments were carried out through the customs of Imam Khomeini Airport within less than 24 hours.

r/MiddleEastNews - Iran announces import of more COVID-19 vaccine from China

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