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More often than not, goals have typically been viewed as a list penned down at the start of the year, followed persistently for a couple of days, and revisited remorsefully at the end of the year. With no tangible end in sight for most, these goals don’t necessarily pan out as habits that last longer than a few weeks at a time.

The rise of self-improvement mobile apps has made the process easier in recent years, allowing users to keep track of their progress and habits through tech-enabled platforms that provide them with rewards in return for sticking to their plan.

While most understand the importance of goal setting, not many see them through. As an entrepreneur and a strong advocate of self-improvement, goals have grown to become a guiding vision that keeps me focused and motivated.

Whether an individual is looking to work on themselves or an entrepreneur on a mission to grow their business, here are some benefits to logging goals digitally to ensure these intangible plans turn into reality through the help of technology.

A step closer to reality

Acting as a guiding light towards the right direction, keeping and sticking to goals comes with the right mindset. From listing down ideas to eventually reaping the fruits from an evolved perception and lifestyle, planning for tangible benefits takes consistent effort and commitment.

One such example is everyone’s yearly New Year’s resolutions to either lose some weight, to be financially prudent, or even to lead a mindful lifestyle. These positive thoughts are typically followed by wishful planning that, most often than not, rarely result in consistent actions that can effectively mesh into an individual’s lifestyle organically.

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Through tech-enabled platforms, such as GoalKeepin, goals get broken down into smaller, measurable targets for individuals to keep track of their progress. Bigger generic goals no longer seem daunting and hard to achieve, allowing individuals to make constant tangible changes that align with their goals.

Community-driven success mentality

In this age of social media, goal setting and progress tracking is fuelled by what individuals observe on their social platforms. People often pander to make changes to their lifestyle based on how they are influenced by those around them.

Through tech platforms like GoalKeepin, users can join a community of those who choose to make a difference in their lives with each goal they set, defined by their values.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the importance of how influence-based self-reflection is crucial in ensuring consistency of hitting each defined target and milestone.

Undeniably, having a community that strives towards a common goal can aid in boosting commitment and discipline to achieve each target that is set. Whether it is a group of friends on a shared mission or an online community striving for a similar outcome, a sense of camaraderie is a good motivator to get started and persevere.

Self-care applications with networking capabilities to connect and interact with mutuals bring about a sense of togetherness, especially when users are able to keep track of one another’s progress, acknowledge and celebrate key milestones together.

The power of tangible benefits

Tangible rewards are found to be an effective motivator in establishing a healthy, long-term pattern. Allocating a reward for each goal met allows for individuals to be positively reinforced in their journey towards change.

On the other hand, rather than simply remaining stagnant, negatively reinforcing individuals becomes an added motivator to stick to their intended game plan.

This key aspect differentiates GoalKeepin from other lifestyle mobile apps in the market through its inbuilt reward system. Each goal is attached to a monetary reward that is given to those who successfully finish their challenge, while users who fail to do so wind up losing their participation fee.

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Not only does this keep them on their toes but it allows users to be accountable for tracking and completing each challenge that they sign up for.

As attention spans and the constant usage of digital platforms shape the way everyone makes and keeps to their intended goals, such tech-enabled tools can aid in them forming lifelong habits that are here to stay. GoalKeepin has been proven to be an effective solution that aims to break down complex goals into action plans while connecting users to a community of people who are on a similar journey and with an added monetary benefit.

Despite 2021 being disruptive and with half the year has flown past us, there’s no time like the present to start on a goalkeeping journey to move towards a positive lifestyle.

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