We understand the struggle. Things get to your inbox, but there are too many emails that you are not able to respond to, and before you know it you’ve missed that all-important email from someone you’ve been waiting to hear from.

Don’t miss great opportunities. With the Connect feature of e27 Pro, investors can now access the Connection Manager, a tool that lets them efficiently manage connection requests sent by startups.

Connection Manager is an extension of the Connect Dashboard, which allows e27 Connect Investors to review, respond to, or reject the Connect requests made by the Pro startups. With Connection Manager, we aim to make this entire process more proficient, allowing investors to view their pending requests, startup’s profile, and their fundraising information. 

Exciting new features to look out for

With Connection Manager, investors are now able to utilise 3 main features:

  1. View Connect Summary and Status
  2. View the Startup information
  3. Approve or Reject Connect requests

With these key features, investors can now manage the connection requests directly from e27. Notifications will still be available via email but with this current improvement, Connect status and summary are now also available to view on e27.

For a step-by-step guide on how to manage your request, you may check this article. 

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