William Bao Bean, Managing Director at Chinaccelerator

Shanghai-based SOSV Chinaccelerator has announced the 10 startups pitching on its 19th demo day.

Out of these, three hail from Southeast Asia.

Selected startups have received support from the accelerator in modules involving business strategy, growth hacking, business development, building traction, as well as fundraising.

Chinaccelerator aims to bridge China and the rest of the world, especially Southeast Asia, through sharing entrepreneurship and innovation lessons learned from the China market.

The accelerator claims to have invested in and accelerated over 170 startups and is the only active accelerator in Asia to have a unicorn go through its programme, i.e Bitmex from Batch 8 (Fall 2015).

A snapshot of the three SEA startups

Bizbaz (Singapore)

Offers a full suite of financial intelligence solutions, including but not limited to, comprehensive risk assessment, alternative credit scoring, fraud detection, e-KYC, financial product aggregation, and recommendation systems.

GetCraft (Indonesia)

A platform where brands can easily scout for and work with creators. According to its website, it has 10,000 creators signed up from Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

PouchNation (Singapore)

A hotel and event management and mobile payment solution, empowering hotels and event organizers with wearable technology.

Other startups:

AMMA Pregnancy Tracker (Russia, Hong Kong)

An AI-powered mobile app that guides parents from pregnancy through early childhood.

ARO (US, China)

A platform that helps global celebrities sell their branded products directly to consumers in China.

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Data Forge (US, China)

An image annotation platform for training AI data models with high accuracy and low cost.

HuviAir (India)

Mining and construction site productivity tracking and enhancement in the cloud using drones, laser scanners, 360 cameras, and smartphones.

Lattis.io (US, EU)

End-to-end micro-mobility management platform for bike, scooter, and vehicle fleet operators to create a cost-effective and secure shared vehicle service.

Lucidefi (Korea)

DeFi trading terminal with AI-based prediction models helping traders make intelligent trading decisions in real-time.

SuperWorld (US)

A virtual world where users can buy, sell, create, and monetize tokenized assets (NFTs) from virtual land to digital art.

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