The global corporate landscape of today is in constant flux, expected to evolve continually in the coming years. Business leaders are now more conscious of the growing importance of innovation in their corporations. Driving innovation at pace helps established enterprises become invincible, where they constantly reinvent themselves before becoming obsolete, as suggested by a leading innovation expert and entrepreneur, Alexander Osterwalder.

Successful innovation is about driving brilliant ideas into a business with a sustainably profitable business model, which creates value for customers. Startup entrepreneurs, innovators, corporate executives, and investors have to keep themselves abreast of the latest market developments and explore opportunities for learning and growth to survive and scale.

This is especially true in the current context where in the past one and a half year, a global health pandemic has rapidly opened up the era of digital transformation across all sectors. As such, there has been a lot of emphasis on a collaborative ecosystem for success in the digital era. Studies have proven time and again that emerging players need to come together and learn from insiders and industry experts for business growth and development.

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Helping create avenues for growth is the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), which will host the Corporate Innovation Summit and Global Matching 2021, with an aim to providing an unparalleled experience of innovation explosion and accelerating corporate innovation. With five key elements at its core focusing on change, connection, collaboration, growth, and forward, the event serves as a perfect platform for corporate executives and innovation specialists as well as regional investors to deep dive into the latest industry trends, network with potential partners, and tap into the minds of experts and insiders.

Fostering innovation and collaboration between corporate giants and deep tech startups

Considering the current global scenario under the pandemic, the Corporate Innovation Summit is organised in a hybrid format from 26th May to 2nd June 2021, allowing interested parties to join remotely and attend workshops and seminars in real-time. Participants can connect in real-time with the speakers via second screen technology and have an informative and personal experience.

While deep tech is becoming the next great wave of innovation, deep tech startups have been receiving increased attention among corporations, entrepreneurs, investors and media. Investment in deep tech startups has more than quadrupled over the past years, from approximately $15 billion in 2016 to more than $60 billion in 2020.

A new study authored by IESE Business School and supported by HKSTP will be released on the first day of the Corporate Innovation Summit, where the study explores how corporate giants can better collaborate with deep tech startups in East and Southeast Asia.

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“Companies such as Toyota, Samsung, Alibaba and Lenovo are already innovating with startups in the deep tech field – a group of emerging technologies based on scientific discoveries or meaningful engineering innovations, offering a substantial advance over established technologies, and seeking to tackle some of the world’s fundamental challenges”, says IESE Business School coauthors, Josemaria Siota and Prof. Mª Julia Prats.

Covering Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Mainland China, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, the study incorporates invaluable insights from 70+ interviews done with innovation leaders.

Learn about the latest trends and network with industry experts from anywhere

Keen stakeholders can join the summit from anywhere to learn about relevant issues, including global macroeconomic, sustainability, and corporate innovation trends shaped on the findings of academia. They will have access to prominent industry leaders, including the likes of Sebastian Paredes, CEO at DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited and Cat Rűst, Global Head, Technology at Standard Chartered Bank, among others.

From thought leadership sessions to executive roundtables and panel discussions to seminars — the event has a lot to offer. HKSTP will be co-hosting Global Matching 2021, the third biannual business and investment matching event from 26th May to 2nd June 2021. The Global Matching event serves as a launchpad for corporate buyers and regional investors to match potential startups and technology ventures worldwide for sourcing the best fit market-proven solutions and valuable portfolios.

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Another highlight of the summit is the online workshop, where participants can watch in real-time on 27th May. The workshop on “building invincible companies” by the leading author and in-demand speaker, Alexander Osterwalder, is specifically curated for corporate innovation specialists and decision-makers to help shape their corporate innovation strategies through real-world experiences and case studies.

While innovation takes on paramount importance than ever to business growth, Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), a statutory body dedicated to driving the development of innovation and technology in Hong Kong, is putting forward disruptive solutions around the globe for the corporates. Spearheaded by HKSTP, the Corporate Innovation Summit and Global Matching 2021 brings about opportunities for all key stakeholders of the corporate tech landscape worldwide to come together, learn, innovate and build a better, more resilient future.

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