A Canadian soldier has been charged after allegedly serving cannabis-laced cupcakes to her unit during a live fire exercise.
Bombardier Chelsea Cogswell allegedly fed the snacks to her artillery unit in July 2018 at an army training facility, CTV News reported.

The other soldiers allegedly suffered sudden paranoia, fatigue and confusion. They were allegedly unaware that the cupcakes contained marijuana.

A Canadian soldier has been charged with feeding her unit marijuana-laced cupcakes at Canada Forces Base Gagetown. (Google Maps)

Several members of the unit were rendered unable to operate their artillery safely, the court heard.

Bombardier Cogswell remains a member of the army, in which she has served since 2011.

“A review of our court martial records indicate that this is the first time a member has faced a court martial for allegedly administering cannabis to colleagues without their consent,” an army spokesperson told CTV News.

Bombardier Cogswell is facing 18 charges.

Her court martial will begin in August.

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