A man buying a Mother’s Day gift at an Adelaide IGA armed himself with a large knife to chase an accused robber out of the store, following a violent scuffle.

The incident took place at Hackham IGA yesterday afternoon, when a man allegedly refused to pay for the goods he’d gathered.

“He was screaming, yelling, abusing all the staff,” owner Baggio Wang said.

A shopper and an alleged would-be robber got into an altercation at an Adelaide IGA. (9News)

One staff member, a 15-year-old girl, was reduced to tears.

A shopper approached the man and tried to get him to leave.

The pair wrestled, with the shopper eventually having his shirt torn off.

The shopper armed himself with a large knife to chase the alleged robber out. (9News)

He ran into the back of the store and emerged with a machete used to cut fruit, chasing the alleged robber and a friend out of the store.

Mr Wang said the shopper was “a really nice guy” who had been in to buy some Mother’s Day gifts.

Police are investigating the incident.

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