The man who attacked Democratic Alliance (DA) Gauteng leader Solly Msimanga has apologised for the “unfortunate misunderstanding” that led to what he describes as a “scuffle”.

The unnamed man, standing alongside the former Tshwane mayor, expressed regret and said there was no monies owed to him by Msimanga – which was the reported cause of the altercation.

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Msimanga was assaulted when the man apparently showed up with a group of people, who said they were there to collect items from Msimanga’s cousin’s business.

Msimanga was then attacked after intervening in a spat between his cousin and the man. The unnamed man was then arrested and offered to pay for Msimanga’s medical expenses.

Earlier, the DA condemned the attack on Msimanga.

“The DA condemns this vicious and criminal attack on the provincial leader. Our country’s Constitution asserts the rule of law as a founding provision. If there is a disagreement, whether involving money or not, South Africans should commit to working through the parameters of the law to resolve their differences,” the DA said.

The DA said since this was a personal matter, they would respect Msimanga’s decision on whether to press charges or not.

Watch the unnamed man’s apology below:

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