Entering the new era of technology and innovation requires cross-industry alliance and mutual cooperation and collaboration across multiple sectors. It is through this synergy that we can truly develop a seamless form of interconnectedness through advanced technology that will ultimately improve everyone’s quality of life.

With that, as the 5G era of application service becomes an increasingly prominent fixture in today’s world, it is important to spark initiatives that will cultivate a culture of co-creation and partnership among all relevant stakeholders.

5G application service is a revolutionary technology poised to eradicate barriers in terms of access, bandwidth, performance, and latency limitations on worldwide connectivity. It has the potential to fundamentally change the way we live through new applications, industries, and business models among many others. With such great things in store, the world’s best thinkers and innovators must work together to nurture these potentials and create a collaborative environment.

The Asia Pacific Telecom 5G Accelerator

One particular institution spearheading initiatives to bridge gaps and meet the demands of the future is the Asia Pacific Telecom, a leader in the provision of wireless telecom needs in Taiwan. Through the Asia Pacific Telecom 5G Accelerator, APT hopes to inject new creative resources, promote new innovations and international exchanges. Investment and business matching not only apply ideas, but also find business models, join hands with new ventures, and jointly create new 5G business opportunities.

Co-organising the event is the SME Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, a government arm designed to create an environment that is beneficial to the establishment and growth of Small and Medium Enterprises in Taiwan. With the assistance of their participating partners, AIS Startup and Globe Telecom, and their community partners, Malaysia Global Innovation & Creativity Centre, the programme is expected to reach a strong roster of global startups that can help catalyse the future of 5G.

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The goals of the Asia Pacific Telecom 5G Accelerator are simple: to expand international recruitment, connect foreign telecommunications to support domestic startups, and introduce outstanding foreign startups to Taiwan.

Over at APT, they believe that the idea of entrepreneurial themes is stimulated to effectively connect innovative ideas and industrial needs, and enable participating startups to find out the core values and risks of entrepreneurship in the planning process, make the overall entrepreneurial plan closer to the needs of the market, and then improve the entrepreneurial vision and implement it.

With these goals in mind, the programme seeks to bridge gaps in the market, co-create innovative solutions to present problems, open up opportunities for both Taiwan and the rest of the world to expand and interconnect, and ultimately improve the lives of everyone.

What’s in store for participating startups

The programme provides opportunities for national 5G startups and international startups to observe each other, promote learning, communication, and exchanges among participating teams, and guide the entrepreneurial trend of 5G startups in the future market.

Moreover, APT will assist outstanding entrepreneurial teams to introduce fundraising rounds in order to address problems of initial funding at the early stage of entrepreneurship. In addition to the priority to join the programme, participants get to enter the Linkou New Venture Park to accelerate the cultivation and improvement of their entrepreneurial pursuits.

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With 5G+AIoT as the central theme of the event focusing on but not limited to entertainment, medical care, and transportation, the innovative 5G application solutions of participating startup companies shall serve as the basis for future cooperation or as channel partners for the Asia Pacific Telecom’s 5G accelerator. Through 5G as a primary vehicle to carry innovative application solutions, the programme seeks to help solve industrial problems, create better service process experience, and even open up opportunities for startups to demonstrate or undergo 5G test verification through the APT or other foreign telecom partners.

Interested participants stand to win as much as 250,000 NT$, trophies, and certificates. The programme also offers a slew of other benefits including international landing in Taiwan, Linkouhan cooperation, international testing or display, cooperation with domestic and foreign exhibitions and 5G verification, and the special telecommunications award to be given to the highest scoring startup adjudged by foreign telecommunications companies.

Who are eligible to join?

The members of the proposal team must be natural persons with full capacity, or legally registered persons or groups. If the proposer is a minor, their legal representative should read, understand, and agree to all the stipulated and the revised contents of the proposal contract of this category in order to participate in the competition.

The proposal team shall guarantee that all the information provided by it is correct and cannot register in the name of a third person. If the team information is incorrect or inconsistent with the facts, the conference has the right to disqualify its participation.

The team that received funding from APT 5G Accelerator/Venture through the final election, established a company in accordance with the specifications of APT 5G Accelerator.

The selection criteria are as follows:

  • Innovation and market feasibility of 5G products and services [40%]
  • Start-up company strategy and marketing strategy [20%]
  • Professional and executive ability of startups [30%]
  • New venture company economics, financial planning, and risk management [10%]

Changing the world together

With its key focus on entertainment, medical care, and transportation, the accelerator is able to encompass vast aspects of human life — not only in Taiwan but across the world. As such, the power of innovation and technology as catalysed by the global startups of today can immensely fuel the Asia Pacific Telecom’s efforts to introduce 5G technology to the world.

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Given the slew of perks that come with the programme, the networks and opportunities that are opened up, and the integral role that startups will play in building the future, the Asia Pacific Telecom 5G Accelerator is the perfect place for startups to grow and expand.

For more information, interested participants may visit the official Asia Pacific Telecom 5G Accelerator page here.

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