Last week, we featured our most active investors to recognise their use and responses on Connect Requests from Startups. Here’s a fresh new batch of e27 Connect Active Investors to connect with today:

Altara Ventures 
Investment: USD 1M – USD 5M, Pre-Series A / Bridge, Series A, Series B

Straight from Altara Ventures: Altara Ventures is a technology venture capital firm headquartered in Singapore and investing across Southeast Asia.

Investment: USD 0 – USD 100K, Angel / Pre Seed, Seed, Pre-Series A / Bridge, Series A

Straight from Brinc: Brinc is a venture capital and accelerator firm that empowers game-changers to help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. More game-changers will make a positive impact on the world if they are given the right backing. And that’s what we’re here for.

Kakao Ventures
Investment: Not specified, Seed, Pre-Series A / Bridge, Series A, Series B

Straight from Kakao Ventures: Kakao Ventures wants to become a co-pilot, a strong partner for startups, and help advance the future required by the world. It is the intrinsic organizational vision and philosophy that we need to put into practice more than anyone else in aggressively moving toward a better future. 

Kinesys Group 
Investment: Not specified, Angel / Pre Seed, Seed, Pre-Series A / Bridge, Series A

Straight from Kinesys Group: Kinesys Group is a Jakarta-based investment group focused on Asia. We provide funding and strategic support to early-stage tech startups with a mission to advance human intelligence. We partner with family offices and institutions around the world.

Genesia Ventures
Investment: USD 100K – USD 1M, Angel / Pre Seed, Seed, Series A

Straight from Genesia Ventures: Genesia Ventures is a venture capital firm dedicated to seed and early stage investments in innovative digital startups in Asia. We engage with all stakeholders in creating new industries, and act as a hub, bringing talent, information, and technology to all our partners to create a platform that drives the next generation of sustainable industry.

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Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

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