Liz Cheney, the third most senior membership of the GOP’s House leadership, has been heavily criticized by fellow Republicans in recent months for pushing back on Donald Trump’s nonsense claims that the election was stolen, and for her impeachment vote.

Trump-supporting representatives in Congress have been pushing for Cheney, the House Republican conference chair, to be removed from that powerful position, which could be achieved if House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy called for a vote on Cheney’s future. Shortly after her vote to impeach Trump, the Wyoming GOP had also voted to censure her.

Some Republicans, however, have come to Cheney’s defense. “Liz Cheney is a woman of strength and conscience, and she did what she thought was right, and I salute her for that,” Senator Susan Collins from Maine said on CNN this weekend.

The tension between the most-extreme and less-extreme members of the Republican party has increased in recent days, after Cheney – a member of the latter group – said those who supported the Trump-backed challenges to the certification of the 2020 election should be disqualified from becoming the 2024 Republican nominee.

McCarthy says members worried about Cheney’s ability to ‘carry out the message’

US pharmacy chains CVS and Walgreens are responsible for the vast majority of wasted vaccine doses, which total more than 180,000 reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), according to a story from Kaiser Health News.

As of late March, the CDC recorded 182,874 tossed doses. CVS and Walgreens combined wasted 128,500 doses – CVS wasted about half and Walgreens 21%.

CVS and Walgreens, which have outlets across the US, were tasked by the federal government to help distribute vaccines to residents and staff of long-term care facilities in the weeks after the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were approved for emergency use by the FDA.

CVS told Kaiser Health News that “nearly all” of its reported wasted vaccines came from that time. Both companies were initially criticized for the slow administration of the vaccines at these facilities.

Biden expected to address FDA’s likely approval of Pfizer shot for 12- to 15-year-olds


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