We have supported the public health advice, which means obviously the suspension of flights, and so forth, whether it’s India or prior to that the United States and the United Kingdom were things we supported.

But really, what is the government doing? I mean surely Australian citizenship has to mean something.

We have a situation where Australian citizens not only are prevented from coming home, not only are still stranded in India, but we have this chest-beating announcement about putting people in jail, or fining them up to $60,000.

Now this morning the prime minister said there’s zero chance of these penalties being imposed. Well, we’ve got a simple question, and I think many Australians do too: well, why did you announce it?

If there a zero chance of these penalties being imposed is the only reason you announced it to get a tough headline that’s now blowing up in your face? That’s not a way to handle this global pandemic.

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