Park rangers are searching for a crocodile after it jumped into a fishing boat in the Northern Territory and injured a fisherman

The 32-year-old man from Wollongong, New South Wales, was fishing with three friends last Saturday night on South Alligator river in the Kakadu National Park, when the croc launched its self into the boat.

“The man received a graze to his flank after a crocodile launched into the boat, attacking his seat and injuring the man,” an NT Health spokesman said.

A crocodile was involved in an incident, National Parks confirmed. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

NT Health said the man was treated the next day at Jabiru Health Centre in the small town of Jabiru, but no longer needs care.

Parks Australia said South Alligator river is a “popular spot for barramundi fishing”.

Kakadu National Park is now looking for the crocodile, it said.

“Kakadu National Park Compliance and Wildlife Operations Team is searching for the crocodile involved in the incident,” a spokesman, said.

“The Kakadu National Park Crocodile Management Team conducts night and day crocodile surveys in the region to monitor crocodile activity, numbers and behaviour.

The man was hurt while fishing in Kakadu National Park near Darwin.
The man was hurt while fishing in Kakadu National Park near Darwin. (National Parks)

“Crocodiles exhibiting aggressive behaviour are captured and assessed before being relocated.

“Consultation with Traditional Owners takes place before a decision to destroy a crocodile is taken.

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“Parks Australia takes safety at Kakadu National Park very seriously.

“Kakadu National Park encourages all visitors especially when near waterways to be Crocwise.”

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