Week after week, we continually implement improvements on e27 Pro features tp make your experience better and more valuable. One of the improvements we have made was making the Connect feature more robust, in the aim of helping you successfully make meaningful connections with investors.

One of the things we want to highlight are the investors who have been very active in responding to connection requests, as well as in providing business feedback and mentorship to our Pro members. We are planning to launch Active Investors icon and the Investor widget this quarter to better feature these investors.

In the meantime, check out 5 active investors you can get connected with:

Spiral Ventures

Investment: USD 300k – USD 1M, Series A, Series B

Straight from Spiral Ventures: Spiral Ventures (SV) is a Japanese ventures capital fund and headquartered in Singapore. SV has been investing in early stage and tech startups in Southeast Asia, India, and Japan since 2013.

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Golden Gate Ventures

Investment: USD 50K – USD 3M, Seed, Series A, Series C & Above

Straight from Golden Gate Ventures: Golden Gate Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm investing across Southeast Asia. Since 2011, the firm has invested in over 30 companies across more than 7 countries in Asia. The firm invests in internet & mobile startups across many sectors, including e-commerce, payments, marketplaces, mobile applications, and SaaS platforms.

Qualgro Venture Capital

Investment: Pre-Series A / Bridge, Series A, Series B

Straight from Qualgro Venture Capital: Qualgro Venture Capital is a Venture Capital firm based in Singapore, investing mainly in B2B companies in Data, SaaS and Artificial Intelligence, primarily at Series A & B. Quality & Growth.

Monk’s Hill Ventures

Investment: Pre-Series A, Bridge, Series A 

Straight from Monk’s Hill Ventures: Monk’s Hill Ventures is a Venture capital firm investing in early-stage technology startups in Southeast Asia. We take a first-principles approach and are sector agnostic, investing across industries and sectors including healthcare tech, edutech, fintech, and logistics.

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Wavemaker Partners

Investment: USD 250K – USD 5M, Angel / Pre Seed, Seed, Pre-Series A / Bridge, Series A

Straight from Wavemaker Partners: Wavemaker Partners invest in a broad range of technology-driven companies in the US and Southeast Asia. With 15 member funds across 4 continents, they are able to provide their Asia-based founders with world-class access, insight and scale. It is headquartered in Los Angeles and affiliated with the investment bank, Siemer & Associates.


The Connect feature is exclusively available for Pro members. If you want to start connecting with these investors, get a Pro trial account now!


Image credit: Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

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