Well, the pandemic throws up challenges. So, you know, every day, we have to adapt in a world with 880,000 cases yesterday and zero in Australia*, we’re always following and adapting to the medical advice.

The latest advice indicates just as we have with flu, age limits for some vaccines to be used for younger people and some for older, you and I are in the group of over 50, I think you’re only just over 50 and perhaps we may be able to get you to be vaccinated on air, we could arrange that, all of this is about building confidence for the public.

From 3 May in state clinics or Commonwealth respiratory clinics or GP respiratory clinics, over 50s will have access to the vaccination program and from 17 May in GP clinics right around the country, they’ll have general practice access for the over-50s. So fast-tracking for them, and then for the under-50s in the 1A and 1B groups, we’re fast-tracking that process through access to the state and territory Pfizer clinics. A really good step forward.

1. 8 vaccinations done so far. We’ll get the country vaccinated. In a world with nearly 900,000 cases and zero in Australia, we’re still an island sanctuary in a difficult challenging pandemic**.

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