It will work on the best possible medical advice. I’m going to sound like a cracked record but, again, it’s so important that if the health authorities, who are paid to do that job – they’re experts at their job and we’re very lucky in Australia that we have the best possible medical advice and we have the experts – if they put a set of standards around what could possibly happen under a home quarantine situation, we’ll follow that advisement but we’ll do it through the national cabinet process.

I know that early preliminary discussions are being held now, and I know that [WA premier] Mark McGowan, as I understand it, has also flagged the possibility of home quarantining, as has the health minister in Victoria, Mark Foley.

So we’ll take on all of that advice. We’ll do it through the national cabinet process, and when it’s right to put that process in place, then the home quarantining may well become a possibility.

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