Vodafone says it is working to restore full connectivity “as quickly as possible” after problems with its 4G network caused widespread disruption for customers across Australia.

Vodafone customers were left frustrated as they are unable to connect to the network amid a nationwide 4G outage.

The issue appeared to start just after 11am today, when complaints began flooding into the provider’s social media accounts.

Vodafone customers have reported to 9news.com.au they are experiencing slow to no internet connectivity and are having difficulty in making phone calls and sending and receiving texts, with services intermittent or non-existent.

Vodafone confirmed to 9news.com.au it is experiencing issues with its 4G network nationwide.

“Data services may be falling back to 3G intermittently, causing congestion and slower speeds for customers,” a Vodafone spokesperson said.

In an updated statement this afternoon, the telco said it had identified the issue causing disruption to the 4G network.

“We are working on resolving the issue as quickly as possible,” the Vodafone spokesperson said.

“Mobile customers may experience difficulties making calls and experience slower data speeds this afternoon while services return to normal.”

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