Over the past quarter of 2021, the e27 Memberships team has been working tirelessly to bring onboard a prestigious list of Experts onto the platform. These Experts come from varying areas of expertise from different industries and verticals.

The goal of the e27 Experts Program is to create a platform for mentors and coaches to share knowledge with their fellow peers and members within our e27 ecosystem through private one-on-one sessions.

We hope to equip every aspiring individual with relevant mentorship, useful feedback, and open up more partnership opportunities for everyone to up-skill themselves and attain their individual goals. Experts bring important skills, experiences, lessons learned, and partnerships that have a massive impact on the growth and success of every individual, and therefore, the entire ecosystem itself.

How does it work?

1. Interested users will need to create an e27 profile with basic information, send a “Request to Connect” to their preferred Expert, and add the reasons why they want to get connected with the Expert
2. Experts can then decide whether to accept the connection request (Experts can view all pending requests via the e27 Connect Dashboard here)
3. Upon approval, e27’s main role will be to facilitate the first connection with an introductory email between both parties to begin conversations from there
4. e27 will not be present to moderate in any of the sessions but will be more than happy to assist if there are any other queries or issues faced during the entire process.

*Note that the format for communication does not have to be via an online call or physical meet-up and can be done via a text message or email depending on the Expert’s preference and User’s particular needs

How to get started?

Simply sign up for an e27 PRO membership or try it for free by registering for our trial membership here to access an unlimited number of requests for connections!

If you’re an aspiring Expert looking to position yourself as a thought leader to thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of users and build key relationships with our ecosystem leaders and partners, sign up here now.

Happy connecting,
e27 Memberships Team

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Image Credit: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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