A golfer in the US has found himself in hot water after harassing an alligator on a resort property for the perfect photo.

The Fripp Island Golf & Beach Resort posted a picture of the man holding the reptile’s tail in his hands as his friend takes a picture.

The South Carolina Resort said it was actively searching for the two men in the photo, citing local laws that harassing, feeding or enticing wildlife is illegal.

The man attempted to pick up the alligator’s tail while his friend took a picture. (Fripp Island Golf & Beach Resort)

“Fripp Island Resort would like to remind all of our residents, guests, and visitors that Fripp is a wildlife habitat,” the club posted.

“Harassment, enticement, or feeding of wildlife is both illegal and dangerous. We are sharing this incident in hopes that the violators will be found, not to encourage this behaviour.”

South Carolina’s Department of Natural Resources opened an investigation into the photograph, shortly after which the man in the photo voluntarily called the department to identify himself.

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A citation was issued and the man is expected to be charged.

“This is something people need to understand. Do not touch an alligator,” said David Lucas from the department.

American alligators can grow to lengths of more than 4 metres and weigh as much as 230 kilograms.

Alligators are capable of killing humans but fatal attacks are extremely rare.

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