Conservative MP Nusrat Ghani says restrictions are a wake-up call to democratic countries

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Plaid Cymru has launched its Welsh parliament election campaign, claiming that a vote for it will put an end to Labour’s “poverty of ambition” and help stop the Tories wiping the country “off the political map”.

Key Plaid Cymru policies include:

The next Welsh government will face a huge challenge in tackling unemployment, supporting businesses, and getting our schools and NHS back on track.

Plaid Cymru is the only party offering a programme for government with economic dynamism and social justice at its heart. Plaid Cymru will build a new economy that will form the foundations of a new and independent Wales.

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Government minister Robert Jenrick said there was “no reason to worry” when it came to UK vaccine supply.

The communities secretary was asked on ITV’s Good Morning Britain whether all adults would still be offered a jab by July amid the EU vaccine supply row.

Absolutely, we are confident we have got the supplies that we need both to meet our mid-April target of vaccinating all the over-50s and those people with clinical vulnerabilities, and the bigger target, which is that every adult at least has had their first jab by the end of July.

Of course, anyone who has an appointment for a jab, either their first one or second one, there is no need to worry – those appointments will be honoured.

We’ve chosen since the start not to discuss our supply chains. We think that’s the right decision.

We’re getting our vaccines from multiple manufacturers, from all over the world with complex international supply chains – none of them are reliant on any one factory or any one country.

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