It is not known yet whether the missiles were short, medium or long range, such as an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

North Korea has conducted its first weapons test since the Biden administration was sworn in.
North Korea had earlier conducted its first weapons test since the Biden administration was sworn in. (File image via AP)

The US tracks all North Korean weapons tests through radar and satellites.

US satellites are able to detect heat signatures of a missile launch almost immediately.

Earlier in the day, the South Korean Joint Chiefs told reporters that North Korea had launched an unidentified projectile toward the sea between the Korean peninsula and Japan.

The Japanese Coast Guard has warned ships to be on the lookout for falling debris.

The reported ballistic missile launches come after North Korea carried out a weapons test last weekend, launching two projectiles, according to US officials.
Kim Jong Un speaks in a conference with chief secretaries of the city and county party committees in Pyongyang, North Korea.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un wants to send a message to US President Joe Biden about his country’s importance. (AP)
The move was widely expected as Kim Jong-un sends a message to the Biden administration about the country’s importance in the region.

One official said North Korea launched short-range projectiles, possibly artillery or cruise missiles, not ballistic missiles.

The launches, which were first reported by the Washington Post yesterday, marked the first known weapons test by North Korea since President Joe Biden took office and come as his administration is still mulling its options for dealing with regime’s nuclear threat.

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