Climate protesters dressed in red have stopped traffic on a busy Melbourne CBD intersection on day one of a week of disruptive protests.

The Extinction Rebellion activists rallied at State Parliament this morning, blocking Spring Street and Bourke Street, with some pretending to lie ‘dead’ on the road with white sheets covering their bodies.

Climate protesters dressed in red have staged a protest in Melbourne CBD. (Nine)
The protesters laid on the road in white, blocking traffic. (Nine)
The climate protesters have pledged to cause havoc every day this week. (Nine)
The protesters have pledged to wreak havoc this week every day in the city as they call for climate intervention.

An army of police are stationed at State Parliament, monitoring the actions of protesters.

Traffic is being diverted at the intersection, with route 86 and 96 trams also disrupted.

Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius of the north-west region, told 3AW this morning police would not hesitate to make arrests.

“We will issue a direction for them to cease their obstruction and if they don’t comply we will move in to arrest people,” he said.

Police are monitoring the protest action at State Parliament. (Nine)

Protesters have also vowed to camp out at Carlton Gardens as part of the planned protests, but Commissioner Cornelius said the City of Melbourne had made it “very clear” camping was not permitted.

“They will not permit camping in the Carlton Gardens,” he said.

“If camping occurs, we will support the City of Melbourne … to have those camping sites taken down.”

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