In the past month, we at e27 have been diligently looking through past coverages of the Southeast Asian tech startup ecosystem.

We were on the lookout for companies that, at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the region, have managed to go beyond surviving the day. Not only that these companies keep their business running, but they also got to make notable achievements in 2020.

Behind every great company, in addition to its founders and investors, is an amazing individual whose ideas and leadership have contributed greatly to its success. These individuals are the e27 Luminaries — and our mission is to find and put the spotlight on them.

In the past week, we have started reaching out to these companies to inform them about their nomination to the initiative. Companies that have been chosen will get to pick the individual who will represent it in the e27 Luminaries list once it is published.

You might wonder if your company is the lucky one; you might also wonder about the factors that we are considering when selecting these companies. So, we are laying down the details:

In general, companies in the e27 Luminaries list are being divided into these five main categories:


Companies that redirected their business during the pandemic and comes out stronger than before.

Funding and Acquisitions

Companies that continue to gain investors’ trust during the most challenging of times.

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By teaming up with fellow industry players, these companies are moving the ecosystem forward.


The pandemic did not stop these companies from exploring and foraying into new markets.


The odds may not be in their favour, but these companies persevere and secure their places in the tech startup ecosystem.

For each category, we are listing down companies that have fulfilled the basic criteria of being based in Asia and having quality products or services in the market. They also need to have a good reputation in the media (No scandals, please!) and an updated profile in the e27 Startup Database.

They will also need to answer the following criteria satisfyingly:

– Have they raised significant external funding? Or if they are bootstrapping, do they have a healthy financial condition?
– Have they been covered by e27 or other reputable media?
– Do they have a strong social media presence?
– Are they available in other markets, or looking forward to?
– Last but not least, do they have a diverse team in terms of race, gender, nationality, ability, and sexuality?

Those are the elements that make up the e27 Luminaries.

As we near the end of March, we are getting closer to the celebration of unsung heroes of the Southeast Asian tech startup ecosystem.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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