A couple has been winched to safety after being stuck overnight in a canyon in the Blue Mountains region of NSW.

The 41-year-old man and 33-year-old woman spent a long, cold night in the Claustral Canyon before rescue teams abseiled in after daybreak.

Special operation paramedics had to walk and swim to reach the keen canyoners, who were both treated for dehydration after the almost 24-hour ordeal.

Police rescue arrive at a canyon in the Blue Mountains after couple became trapped. (Grace Fitzgibbon/9News)

The couple entered the popular canyon about 8.30am on Monday and became disoriented when they made a wrong turn.

They weren’t able to activate their emergency beacon until 1am, prompting a large-scale search in rain and darkness.

“It just took a bit too long and then it got late and we missed the exit,” the man said after the rescue.

Rescuers who abseiled into the canyon also have to be winched due to the difficult terrain. (9News)

About 7.30am on Tuesday the canyoners were finally spotted, checked over by paramedics and winched to safety by an ambulance rescue helicopter in “difficult circumstances”.

“They’re in a stable condition. Very cold. Dehydrated. They were in the canyon all night,” Steven Lobley from NSW Ambulance said.

Rescue helicopter above the canyon where a couple were trapped overnight. (9News)
Aerial of the canyon near Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah. (Wolter Peeters/SMH)

The Claustral canyon is in Mount Tomah, roughly 50 kilometres from Katoomba.

It’s a popular canyoning location but is considered one of the more challenging to navigate, with the exit track alone taking an average of four hours to complete.

Rescuers also had to be winched from the canyon due to the difficult terrain.

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