Biden says US on track to vaccinate 100m people by 60th day in office

An unprecedented study into the wellbeing of British children is to be conducted across Manchester’s schools, as new research suggests two-thirds of parents believe it should be prioritised over academic attainment.

The Greater Manchester young people’s wellbeing programme will gather data from tens of thousands of young people across 250 secondary schools in the city in an attempt to change their perception as “people who get GCSE results”, according to the programme’s creator.

The first study of its kind in the country, the wellbeing programme will begin this autumn and will seek to ascertain young people’s feelings and concerns as well as their levels of physical activity. The information gathered will be used to help better target resources as children try to recover from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic:

Auckland is preparing for an action-packed weekend with America’s Cup events, a Super Rugby Aotearoa match between the Blues and Highlanders at Eden Park on Sunday, and Auckland Arts Festival under way until 21 March.

The Opposition leader Judith Collins had said the delay in the announcement is the “height of arrogance from a government that has shown itself devoid of understanding about the rigours of trying to operate a business”: “Kiwis deserve more respect.”

Ardern said lifting the restrictions at midday, instead of middnight, was “unusual” for the government and reflected that it was “moving as fast as possible” after receiving up-to-date information.

“What we’re being criticised for is this assumption that we made a decision and didn’t act on it. In fact, what we did was try and maximise as much as possible, the ability to move early for businesses.”

Martin Bosley, a prominent restauranteur, had tweeted this morning that it was “utterly ludicrous” the hospitality industry had to wait until 11.30am for a decision – prompting a response from Ardern’s partner Clarke Gayford that the decision was pending final test results.

Clarke Gayford

Martin an inprinciple decision was decided but its all pending on final test results today.

March 11, 2021

Questioned by media, Ardern denied that Gayford had had information ahead of the announcement, saying he was referencing only what had been publicly stated.

New Zealand city of Auckland to move to alert level one from midday today

Auckland will move to alert level 1 from midday today, bringing it in line with the rest of the country, as the government declares the February outbreak to be contained.

Announcing the alert level change this morning, prime minister Jacinda Ardern said a preliminary decision was made late yesterday afternoon, but Cabinet held the announcement to ensure no community cases were recorded overnight.

At the end of a transmission cycle with no new cases, the director-general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield has now advised that he considers the outbreak contained, Ardern said.

“I know everyone in our largest city will be looking forward to a weekend of fewer restrictions with life feeling mostly back to normal, and Auckland deserves that. Once again the city has stepped up and did what it needed to do in the face of these new community cases and for that we all say thank you. But now we need to keep working hard to maintain the position that everyone have worked so hard for.”

She also responded to criticism for the last-minute announcement of level one, with the alert level change promised before the weekend. Hospitality businesses had expressed frustration that the order lifting on Friday would not give them sufficient time to prepare for a capacity crowd that night.

Portugal to ease lockdown rules

Brazil records more than 2,000 deaths for second day


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