Go big or go home. That’s what our own Trevor Noah did when he arrived for an interview on the Late Late Show with James Corden.

Just as James was expecting him to walk into studio and take a seat, Trevor did none of that.

“Let’s meet our first guest tonight. He is the phenomenal host of The Daily Show, a brilliant stand-up comedian, he is hosting the 63rd Grammy Awards this coming Sunday, right here on CBS. Please welcome Trevor Noah.”

What happened next was unexpected. Poor James didn’t know what Trevor had up his sleeve.

He hijacked the Late Late Show – well, for a few minutes.

Clad all in black with his Afro high in the air, Noah wheeled in on a black hoverboard and glided around the studio while a band played a rock tune in the background, almost to say “I’ve arrived”. He then got off the board and danced to the band as silver confetti showered down. It didn’t end there.

Just as we thought the theatrics were over, a picture of Noah’s beaming face popped up on a banner. Cheers and screams can be heard from the audience, clearly impressed by the stunt Noah just pulled. Meanwhile, Corden was in awe and couldn’t believe what was unfolding before his eyes.  Of course, he just had to go with the flow. After all, the show must go on. “Wow! Wow!” Noah exclaimed as he sat down.


When Corden asked him what he was doing, the ever-humorous Noah said: “That was my big entrance baby!”

A shocked Corden asked why he didn’t know about this, to which Noah simply said: “It’s a surprise.” Poor Corden looked stunned.

Corden wanted to know how much it cost and who paid for it. A voice from the back said production cost $367,000 – a whole R5,5 million for a grand entrance.

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“That’s budget for half a year.” Corden said. Noah said he would never allow Corden to return the favour and do the same on his show.

“Your show is a song and dance show and well, we are particular,” Noah laughed. He said the reason he pulled this was because he hadn’t been in a studio for over a year and wanted to hang out with strangers – yeah right!

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