The government is expected to unveil a multi-billion-dollar package tomorrow, intended to support struggling industries after the JobKeeper wage subsidy is cancelled at the end of the month.

9News understands aviation and tourism are at the top of the list for extra support.

The package could be delivered in a number of ways, with possible measures including discounted airfares.

Qantas jet lands.
Aviation and tourism are among the industries that could be getting a post-JobKeeper boost. (Getty)

Another potential option, a retention payment to keep workers, would essentially serve as a continuation of JobKeeper in a more targeted form.

Recent data revealed a staggering fall in the number of people leaning on the JobKeeper subsidy, ahead of its cut-off on March 28.

About 520,000 employers and 2.13 million employees have graduated from the JobKeeper program since September last year, which means they are no longer claiming the supplement.

The new payment was introduced when the pandemic hit and many were unable to work.

The ATO also reported a 56 per cent drop in those relying on JobKeeper between phase one ending in September and phase 2 JobKeeper – ending in December.

A total of 1.54 million workers were supported by the program in December 2020, down from 3.6 million recorded in the month of September 2020.

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