Another idea that could be appended to what has already been presented would be having the Palestinian currency pegged inversely to the value of oil…. along with its inclusion into the Special Drawing Rights. This would mean that any decision by the Palestinians to fire on Israel would become directly tied to the global economy and the value of the Palestinian currency. Since the threat of war in the Middle East is often followed by a rise in the demand and value of oil, any hostility from Gaza(as the epicenter of mid-east conflict) could effect the price of oil by raising its value, which would thus(in turn) lower the value of the Palestinian currency that’s pegged inversely to it. This implies that aggression would have a direct negative implication to the Palestinian economy. In any event, the control over the printing or minting of this currency should be allotted to the Palestinian authorities. This way the peace process directly incentivizes the Palestinians not in terms of land, but in terms of global economic clout since their currency would be intricately tied to world peace and climate change solutions, thus putting some checks and balances on currencies whose value is directly tied to the value of oil and the war machine. The global movement that is trying to get away from war and pollution is something that would easily aid the global demand for this new Palestinian currency.

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