Extinction Rebellion protesters set off flares and glued themselves to the middle of Flinders Street during this morning’s peak hour in Adelaide.

A section of Flinders Street between Gawler Place and Wyatt Street was closed and authorities redirected traffic.

Four protesters used superglue to attach themselves across the intersection of Flinders Street and Gawler Place.

Another pair of protesters climbed the office building of oil and gas company Santos building before setting off flares and spray painting messages. They then glued themselves to the building.

Police and firefighters needed the help of a cherry picker to reach the protesters on the Santos building.

Officers then used syringes believed to be filled with acetate – an active ingredient in nail polish remover – to un-glue their hands.

Six protesters were taken from the scene in police vans.

Extinction Rebellion said it was protesting against Santos’ fracking projects and called for the company to invest more in renewable energy.

“The rebels taking part include parents and grandparents. They are ordinary people, deeply afraid for the future of their children and grandchildren in the looming climate catastrophe,” the group wrote on Facebook.

Extinction Rebellion protesters have glued themselves to Flinders Street in Adelaide.
Extinction Rebellion protesters have glued themselves to Flinders Street in Adelaide. (Nine)

“Pressure is mounting on the Australian Government to cut emissions to net-zero by 2050.

“However, most scientists, many Australians and Extinction Rebellion know this is too late.

“We need drastic cuts to net-zero emissions by 2025 if we are to avoid climate disaster.

“We are rebelling for a safe future.”

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