Look, I am. I respect ultimately these are calls that have gotta be made by state governments.

But I want Anzac Day on.

If people can party, and if people can protest, then we can remember as a nation, and honour our veterans on Anzac Day. And I would like to see that done as fully and as safely as possible. And I think that is not beyond our wits to achieve that.

Of course, last year Anzac Day was very different. Just as many things a year ago today were very different, it was a very solemn occasion. And despite the fact we couldn’t gather together at remembrance services, standing at the end of our driveways, and that was, I think, a very poignant moment as we remembered the great Anzac spirit and the great sacrifice of so many.

But this year I would like to see us return to normal as much as we possibly can, and so we can gather together and honour our Anzacs.

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